Sunday, 31 August 2014

Managing Multiple Projects in Chrome

If like me you work on multiple project at the same time. Switching between all the tabs can be quite an effort as well as very confusing at times. What I'm going to do today is show you how i manage multiple projects in chrome. This has so far proved really useful for me as it allows me to easily have a new browser window for each project i have and I am able to flick between them at the click of a button.
If you've ever played around in the settings section of Chrome then you have most likely noticed the facility to add multiple users. we're basically going to use this but with the added extra (hack) of signing in with individual Google+ accounts. 
To use this facility you need to navigate the settings menu and scroll down to the users section. Currently you'll see an icon for the current user (that's you!). You could go ahead and add a new user from here but we're going to take an extra step so you can choose you/your projects Google+ profile photo.
To enable this feature for all versions of Chrome enter the following into the address bar:
You'll then see the screen below which allows you to Enable Google profile name and icon. Enable that now and restart your browser.
Once this is done you should now see you Google+ profile name in the corner of your browser. When you click on your username it will show you a drop down menu and list any other users you have already assigned. As i have my set up already complete you can see my list oh projects I have as well as my personal account too.
To add a new user simply click on the bottom link which says, in my case, Not Jamie Pezone? On a separate note you can click on the padlock and set a password for the current user which has its obvious benefits.
This will launch a new dialog window displaying all your accounts. From here you can edit, add and remove accounts. I'll quickly go through the process of adding a new user now.
First of all you need to click new user (surprise surprise). This will open a new browser session under the user Person 1 and present you with a Google sign in screen. Here you simply sign in with a gmail account for the project.
An issue I had however was that my projects are both associated to my personal Google+ profile. Signing in with just my personal account would be pointless for the likes of Google plus as I would have to still navigate my way through G+ to my pages section a choose my page. 
However after some searching I found that we can get around this by using the email address that is created for each G+ page. If you go to your G+ page > setting and the scroll down to third party tools.
Here you'll see your pages email address. Simply click set up password and sign in with these details. This will allow you to have a Chrome profile specifically for this page. It will mean that when you go to G+ with this Chrome user it will load up just that account so there is no need to navigate through the personal account to get to the right page.

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